As we've said before, we don't like the word "trainer" or "training". We prefer to think of you as incorporating and integrating your dog into your life. We hope to guide you in the correct direction to do this. As you know, your relationship with your dog is unique and special. You both have to learn to communicate with, trust and respect each other. Our job is to act as a liaison or guide. We can help you understand your dog, and help your dog understand you.

We use positive methods that we tailor to you and your dog. There are many ways to teach and learn, and we want to use the ones that will help you to have a successful relationship. We use lots of great treats, laughter and compassion while working with you and your pup.

What we believe

  • Dogs and people learn better in fun and positive environments
  • Learning together creates a bond between human and canine
  • Partnerships are the best relationships
  • It takes a village to raise a dog
  • There is no right or wrong, it's just what works best for you
  • What works for you (or your dog) today may not work tomorrow

Our thoughts on trainers

We understand that there are a great number of trainers out there. It's important that you find the right trainers. You'll notice we said trainers, plural. You will get more ideas and techniques if you work with many different trainers. You wouldn't want your child to go from Kindergarten to High School with the same teacher, right? That said, it's your job to make sure that you find trainers who will work with you and listen when you tell them you'd rather do something a different way. There is NEVER just one way to do something. And, as your dog's protector, it's your mandate to ensure that the trainer never harms or threatens your dog.