Integral Dog Training was created to help you integrate your dog integrate into your life, and to help your dog integrate you into their life. We want your family members, be they two or four legged, to understand one another.

Sheila Kamath

Growing up in Iowa, she had several Rough Collies. After moving to Massachusetts, she continued her training with German Shepherds. She's been lucky enough to live with and love several German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes. She's been training for over 10 years, and is a longtime member of the APDT and IACP. She's also an AKC CGC Evaluator. She's continued working on her education by attending seminars and workshops from Ian Dunbar, Nicholas Dodman, Sue Sternberg, Patricia McConnell and many others. Sheila lives with Gunnar, who has become an Instagram sensation at @GunnarGooGoo.

Amy Christmas

Amy grew up in Marlborough, MA with a variety of critters, but didn’t get her first dog until 2008.  It was her introduction to her rescue dog Nayali Sun that sealed her fate as a dog trainer.  Naya came with a strong personality and a terrier’s tenacity and independence.  Naya is endlessly teaching Amy about building strong partnerships and successful relationships with dogs.  Amy also lives with a yellow lab-mix, Otis Love, who is the exact opposite of high-energy Naya.  Otis is always ready for adventure, but his favorite sport is “extreme couching” and cuddling. 

 “Dogs have distinct personalities, likes, and dislikes.  Showing people how ANY dog can fit into their lifestyle is really important to me.  My favorite part of training is watching the partnership and bond between dog and handler grow over the course of training sessions.”

Otis and Naya continually teach Amy there are two sides to everything - and most of them you can roll in!

Ronaele Salisbury

Growing up in Norfolk, Ronaele rescued and helped every kind of animal she could find. She was also known as the kid that dressed up her cats and took them for walks. She doesn't dress up her cats any longer - well, there was that one Christmas..... Ronaele went to the Norfolk Agricultural High School, where she continued to develop her passion for animals. She is a graduate of the American Behavioral College (ABC). She currently has the official World's Cutest Puggle (editor's note - It's true! She does!!) named Odie, and the dog known as the Diva of Daycare, Holly the Collie.

Fall in love with a dog, and in many ways you enter a new orbit, a universe that features not just new colors but new rituals, new rules, a new way of experiencing attachment.
— Caroline Knapp