We teach all kinds of classes, from group classes, to workshops to individual one-on-one sessions. 

Our group classes are small, we try to keep it to less than 5 dogs. We usually have at least two instructors per class, sometimes three or four, so you'll get individualized attention. Our classes are reward-based, which means we reward your dog with his favorite treat, toy or person (that'd be you.)

Classes are held at Destination Dog Training Co-op. Check out the latest schedule.

Unless otherwise noted, all group classes run for 6 weeks and cost $150.00 (this is only $25 per class!).

If you're not sure what class is right for you, please contact us and we'll figure it out together!

Ongoing Group Classes

We offer the following classes on a regular basis. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are an hour long:

Puppy Class

For puppies between 8 weeks and 6 months old. We talk about all the things you need to know in order to integrate your new puppy into your life. Most importantly, we go over socialization, puppy health and safety, how to understand what your puppy is telling you and house-breaking.  We'll learn basic commands such as "sit", "look", and the do's and don'ts of recall.  We'll also discuss different methods of training.  Almost half of this class is play and watching your puppy learn to interact with other puppies.  Please note: Puppy Class includes off leash play at the discretion of the trainer and based on the dogs in class.

Beginner Class

For dogs over 6 months old.  We continue to practice obedience commands in addition to those learned in Puppy class.  You'll learn commands such as "Stay", "Wait" and "Place". Of course we also do a bunch of other commands, and have fun while learning about what training means for you and your dog.  In addition to obedience commands, we'll talk about loose leash walking, how to pick the right gear for your dog, and we'll play some games to reinforce what we learn in class. 

Intermediate Class

For dogs who have taken Puppy or Beginner Classes, or have previous training experience or approval of the instructor. We take what we learned in the previous classes and expand on it, using the 3 Ds. We rarely sit in this class, everyone is working, playing games and having fun. This has proven to be everyone's favorite class!  

Advanced Class

So you think you guys know it all, eh? This class takes your relationship with your dog even further. We do work outside, in the field, where we experience real life distractions. You'll take turns leading the class and challenging both yourself and your dog. This class is for dogs who have taken the Intermediate Class, or by approval of the instructor.  We use long lines in this class to practice advanced recalls.  At the discretion of the trainer, there may some off leash training in this class. 


We encourage dogs of all sizes and breeds to participate in any of our classes, but we understand some smaller dogs will feel more comfortable learning with similar-sized pups.   Our Small Dog class is for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs or at the discretion of the Trainer.  This class is for all ages and training levels. 

Games CLASS - New Class!!

Who doesn’t love to play games? This class uses all of the commands that you and your pup have learned, all while having fun. This class is limited to 5 dog/handler combos, as we’ll be doing things like Tic Tac Down and Puppy Hopscotch. Sign up early!

Something smells fun! - New Class!!

What is your dog’s favorite sense? His sense of smell! This class will introduce you and your pup to the fun to be found in nose work. We’ll look for cookies and other things as we teach our pups to use their nose in a new and exciting way!

Scheduled by demand Classes

CGC Prep

The Canine Good Citizen test, by the American Kennel Club, allows you to certify that your dog is a well-mannered member of your community. There are several CGC test, including S.T.A.R. Puppy, CGC, CGC - Community and CGC - Urban. This 6 week long class will go over all of the test questions for a specific CGC test and allow you to practice. You'll take the test at the final class!  

Kids and Canines

We teach this three week long class during summer break. Let your kids, who are 12 and older, work with their dog, make toys that your dog will enjoy and learn all about canines. This is a "No Parents Allowed" class!